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Philips Fortimo LED Light Modules - A Breakthrough Technology

Philips Lighting is enabling breakthroughs in energy savings and creating new value in lighting with the introduction of LED modules that address the needs of many lighting applications.

Designed for ease of integration into existing or new fixtures, these light sources deliver high quality illumination with enough lumens to compete directly with conventional alternatives.

All Fortimo modules are future-proof, meaning their form factor and light output will not change as the output of LEDs increases.

What's more is that color consistency and quality are guaranteed by a modular approach.

If you are looking for a consistent white light in a simple sustainable package, then design your light fixture with Fortimo LED Light Modules.

Philips Fortimo LED Light Modules - at home, at work, or at play

Fortimo DLM Product.
Philips Fortimo LED Line Linear Systems
(and Philips Fortimo LED Strip, available in EMEA only)

These future-proof modules are designed for ease of integration into existing or new fixtures. They deliver high quality illumination, uniform colors and consistent lighting with enough lumens to compete with conventional light sources. The Fortimo LED Strip is ideal for use in strip luminaires for direct architectural applications. The Fortimo LED Line 3R have been designed for diffuse lighting applications on a linear plane where glare control is important. The Fortimo LED Line 1R is optimized for illumination of vertical surface areas where high levels of illumination are required.

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Fortimo DLM Product.

Fortimo LED High Brightness Module (HBMt)

The Fortimo High Brightness Module (HBMt), for outdoor applications, provides the full benefit of LED modules without the complexity and high R&D costs. Fortimo HBMt offers 6000lm and the best energy efficacy in the market, with minimum light output of 90 lm/W on a module level. The future-proof promise also means that end users will never have a problem replacing the module in a HBMt luminaire.

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Fortimo DLM Product.

Downlight LED Module (DLM)

If you are looking for a sustainable product with superior color, high efficiency and that delivers consistent performance, then the Fortimo DLM System is the product you have been waiting for. This system is future-proof, meaning its form factor and light output will not change as the output of LEDs increases. This approach will enable luminaire manufacturers to plan and design new fixtures around a reproducible platform.

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Spotlight LED Module (SLM)

The Fortimo Spotlight Module offers excellent color rendering, color consistency and reliability. This ensures that merchandise always looks bright, vivid and attractive. In addition, its excellent lumen maintenance and long lifetime of up to 50,000 hours hold maintenance costs at a minimum. The proof is in the pudding...the system is backed up by the Philips 5 year system guarantee.

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Fortimo Twistable DLM Product
Twistable Downlight LED Module

This LED downlight module delivers energy-efficient, low-maintenance and high-performance lighting. Thanks to its dedicated socket, integrated driver, and twist-in and twist–out design, the system is truly future-proof. It is easy to design in, install, maintain, replace or upgrade. With a simple twist, you get quality white light illumination.

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Fortimo DLM ES Product
Enhanced Spectrum Downlight LED Module (DLM ES)

Enhance the look of your environment and increase sales with the Fortimo Enhanced Spectrum DLM System. The modules optimize light spectrum and superior color rendering accentuates the natural brilliance of greens, reds, yellows, etc.

This system is available in a 3000K, recommended for food items such as vegetables, meat and bread, and a 4000K version for fish products.

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Fortimo LLM Product
Linear LED Module (LLM) - available in EMEA only

Looking for a linear LED system with consistently smooth, stable and homogeneous white light? Well look no further! The Fortimo LED LLM System is the answer to your needs. The system provides high quality natural white light and makes people feel safe and comfortable. Though designed primarily for residential outdoor lighting applications, this reliable, upgradeable solution is also suitable for many professional indoor applications.

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